Boba in Rohnert Park?

okay, who seriously doesn’t love boba? Or at least the cool teas you can mix and match with. If you are as obsessed as I am here is a list of my favorites!

  1. ¬†ThirsTea is defiantly my favorite boba place in town. With it’s huge windows and free wifi it’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy your drink. The service is always fast and friendly, plus you are always greeted when you walk through the door. One item you have to try is the pandam waffle which is made with coconut batter and amazing.
  2. ¬†Quickly is my second favorite in Rohnert Park. It is not a local venue but has a big menu and lots of options to choose from. The service has always been friendly to me and the place itself has a very large seating area so a big group could come in to enjoy the atmosphere. The only problem I have ever had is the boba itself. It usually isn’t shaken or mixed to get the appropriate flavor, I feel like this a brand new branch and the drinks are made by college goers causing small mistakes to be made.quickly 3
  3. Tea Rex is my least favorite place for boba in Rohnert Park. The boba is hard and doesn’t have the best texture but the price is really what gets me down. They only have one size and that size is very expensive. Besides those things, the sandwiches are pretty good and the service is fast. Plus they also have really great snacks.







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