Three Best Burgers


  1. Pepper’s is one of my favorite diner’s for their home cooked atmosphere. I love their burgers. It reminds me of being home in my old favorite diner full of real people and real food. My favorite burger is the sourdough cheese burger, it gives it the perfect touch of sour and delicious.
  2. Super Burger is known for having the big and beautiful burgers. They are amazing and jam packed full of flavors. Another one of my favorite parts is the huge selection they have. Whether it be tater tots to lamb burgers what ever your heart desires they have it.
  3. Mike At the Crossroads is a locally owned and operated amazing place. One of my favorite parts is the fries. Their burgers may look unusual but they’re jam packed with flavor. Super good. ┬áRight next to the freeway and on the line between Cotati and Rohnert. Overall a great place to enjoy a burger.
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