Foods to Survive Mid-terms


It’s that time of year again when the library desks are filled, you can never find a power outlet, and your brain feels unusually slow… Mid-terms. How do you survive it? Is it with constant coffee in your hand and potato chips in your backpack or just one huge Monster to keep you going?  Mid-terms season is always the worst for the average college student, everything always catches up to you; even your bank account. Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive places to fuel up.


Juice Shack: smoothies are the best way to refuel; packed full of vitamins and minerals. Juice Shack doesn’t have a lot of healthy options as most of their smoothies include sherbet, which bothers me. The Soy Squeeze though has strawberries, bananas, honey, and soy milk. Perfect if you don’t have enough time to eat breakfast! In finals week I always get two of the biggest sizes and keep them in my fridge and pour myself a cup in the morning. It’s super cheap!

Juice Shack locations: Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma


Sol Azteca: I like Sol Azteca but when I’m in a hurry I love it. When I’m in need of a protein boost but don’t want to spend the big $$$ on Mexican food I stop in and get myself a black bean, cheese, rice, and guacamole burrito. Their guacamole is just avocado… I love it! It also gives me enough protein to get through the rest of my studying.

Sol Azteca Location: Rohnert Park

Charlie Brown’s: You would never expect school food to taste so good. Charlie Brown’s is definitely my favorite place to eat on campus. The best thing to get there by far is the Chicken Caesar Salad with anchovy dressing. It’s so good! It’s worth the extra price for the add-on, but you have to get there fast because sometimes they run out at the end of the day!


Oliver’s To Go meals: I love Oliver’s so much, everything there is amazing and halfway through finals week I’m always worried that I am going to catch scurvy  based on my food choices. Oliver’s has an amazing fresh fruit and salad bar that is sold by the pound. They also have a small soup section to that you can test to see if you like it. If you do (and you will, I promise!) a container of the soup is very affordable.

Oliver’s location: Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa


Amy’s: Amy’s is the vegetarian fast food restaurant that just opened in Rohnert Park. Not too far from SSU, Amy’s offers a one of a kind milkshake. This is the kind of milkshake that you can promise yourself throughout your day as a reward for studying, it’s that good. My personal favorite is the strawberry, but all are amazing!

Amy’s location: Rohnert Park

Swirl Time: Locally owned and operated, and directly across the street from campus. Swirl Time is one of my favorite frozen yogurt places as it has a big selection of toppings and awesome people working there. They also have fundraisers all the time supporting SSU so we should support them!

Swirl Time Location: Rohnert Park

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