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A friend once told me, there’s Chinese and then there is Hunan.

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Hunan is a fast Chinese buffet style restaurant at the end of a strip mall but don’t let the location turn you away. The place is set up like Panda with two different combo meal options. They really pile on the food when you get one of the combos which is great. You will definitely have left overs if you get the combo A box. The food is amazing the chow mien noodles are thick and delicious. I would definitely try those with the orange chicken which is so juicy. 



Now the place is not fancy or fixed up in the slightest – they have hard tile, awkwardly placed tables and a bug zapper in the corner.  But the food, the food, makes up for it. As a college student on a budget I also love their prices. Super affordable, especially because when you are on a tight budget the only Chinese food you can afford is Panda and I get so tired of the non existent flavor.  This place totally conquers Panda, just give it a try!


Basic Information

Hours: Monday – Saturday : 11:00AM -8PM

Phone: (707) 588-8828

Address:  6650 Commerce Blvd Ste 19
Rohnert Park, CA 94928


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