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There are honestly no words to describe Oliver’s beside it being every college student’s dream location.  When you are walking into the venue there is usually either music or a smell of a tempting BBQ greeting you. Oliver’s prides themselves on being local and fresh and their food shows their dedication. Even their employees look organic and real their shirts even say “Oliver’s, real people real food.” When you walk in the main entrance and look to your right they have a taqueria and a sushi bar right there. Both have amazing quality and everything is grab and go. At their sandwich bar you can either select everything you want on your sandwich or pick up one of their pre-made ones. They have a fresh salad, cheese, and olive bar that is priced by weight. You can order a smoothie or grab a small cup of  hot soup all near the entrance of the store. Everything is well priced and easily marked for your convience. Locally owned and operated, it is perfect if you have a big group of people and no one can decide where they want to go.

Just try it, you will enjoy it! Oh yea and it’s a grocery store!

Try: Their burritos


(707) 795-9501


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