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Coming from a small town I never had a lot of options growing up, which makes me very adventurous now, I will eat anything you set in front of me. My newest adventure; pho. I honestly had no idea what everyone was talking about when they would say “we’re going to get pho.” I thought they were using  slang for something. I realized later its a Vietnamese soup and had to try it. My friends brought me to Pho 90 known for having reasonably priced pho. The restaurant has a very vacant vibe to it the seating is spread out and the room looks very large. Perfect for a big group though. I told my friends to order for me, I had combination number three; beef, brisket and noodles. My friends  also put the extra stuff on top and told me to dig in. Honestly it was good, the soup was warm and welcoming, the beef was tinder the veggies were fresh. It wasn’t bursting with flavor thought. It was just okay, something I would want a rainy day or when I’m not feeling well but definatly not my staple meal.

Address: 6358 Commerce Blvd, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Hours: 10am-9pm M-S



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