Road Map to the Cotati Crawl

10645144_10152633038176698_4538196301061308212_n   Road Map to the Cotati Crawl

Once you turn twenty-one it seems to be a rite of passage in Rohnert Park to make the epic journey of the Cotati Crawl… Traditionally, if you are a female you receive a sign, a sash, a crown and are in at least 20 selfies before leaving the house and then your legendary voyage begins. That voyage is stopping at each bar down the long main street in Cotati and taking a photo with each person who asks for your I.D. This post is a quick guide of the top bars so you can plan your night strategically based on the atmosphere of each place. None of the bars are bad but some of them have a better ambiance. Here is a road map to a good time!


1. Friars (Friar Tuck’s Pub) get there at about 10:30 p.m.
Friars is the most crowded and popular bar on the strip. It usually fills up by 11 (when school is in and on a weekend) so if you plan to get a drink before the crowd hits, so you don’t stand at the bar for two hours, I suggest getting there at 10:30. Friars is the place where you meet up with everyone in your group. They have special themes every night of the week and a great atmosphere. There is room for dancing, a long bar, small tables to sit down and rest those heels and a nice outside area to get fresh air if need be. The age group is usually college age (again if school is in.)


2. Spanky’s
If you get there before 11:30 there is usually live music playing; they have a stage with seats surrounding it and a small dancing area if you want to rock out to the band. It is also next door to Friars so it isn’t a big walk. There usually isn’t a line to the bathroom which is every ladies’ dream.  If it is your birthday you can ask to put a dollar on the bar so that way you can have a little reminder of your 21st if you wish.

3. Dre’s (Dre’s Bar and Grill)
Dre’s is the newest bar on the strip and can be a far walk if you aren’t wearing enough clothes but usually worth it. They have a big dancing area with a club like setting.  Dre’s is actually catching up to Friars in popularity. Sometimes they do have a line to get in but once you do you can’t help but have a good time just because of the sheer number of people and atmosphere.

4. Eight Ball (The 8 Ball Tavern)

Eight Ball is super laid back, on those extremely crowded nights I like to go to the out back area where they have tables and a small porch.  This is where I go to let my ears have a second and just chill. The whole bar is filled with pool tables and a chill atmosphere.

Personally I love Tradewinds for their bartender she is super nice and honestly cares about her customers. Each time I go she asks if I have a safe ride home and offers to call me a cab. She even gave me a free Lyft coupon. She is the best! They have always been known for being the dancing bar but after Dre’s opened up they have added some new fun nights to keep up with the times. On Thursdays they have line dancing night for anyone who was a big fan of Mavericks that recently closed. Line dancing is also fun if you just want to make a fool of yourself and laugh with some friends.

Crawl Tips–Every time I go to the crawl I always like to do the first round and then choose my favorite and head back for my remainder of the time. One thing I have seen is that bars usually change every time based on the bar itself and the mood I’m in! Go out! Be safe and have a good time!

Stay hungry my friends!

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