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Sugo Trattoria is a delightful romantic stop in downtown Petaluma. I had the pleasure to go on a Tuesday which they had a generous number of specials. All wine by the glass is $5… ALL! So that kind of expensive bottle you’ve been wanting to try… DO IT! Also 3 choices of bruschetta are $5. I decided to have “the classic” (tomato, pesto, mozzarella & basil), the apple, brie & almonds, and the gorgonzola, honey and walnut. It was amazing! My favorite part was the homemade and thick  pesto. The prices were not completely out of my range and definitely worth the food. It was amazing. The bruschetta blew me away and filled me up, perfect for my late afternoon snack. Overall a place that you should try and enjoy yourself. Perfect for a date night while walking around Petaluma.



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