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So I feel like there is either lovers or haters of boba and no in-between. Tea-Rex is a local Boba venue in Rohnert Park that has fun grab and go atmosphere.


Tea Rex has a decent variety of boba for popping boba fans. I really like to get their Strawberry Limeade tea with strawberry popping boba.  My favorite tea drink is the tapioca (honey/chewy) boba with Thai Iced tea but Tea Rex doesn’t have the highest quality. Many times my drink has came with boba that is too hard and plasticy. Sometimes you catch them on a good day but only sometimes.

They also only have one size drink at Tea Rex which can get annoying. Sometimes I don’t want to spend the big $$ and I’d be happy spending less and getting a smaller drink.

Overall Tea Rex is a good place to indulge your boba craving in Rohnert Park but it is not my favorite place. Tea Rex does offer a lot of Japanese candy though!


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