Three Best Breakfast Burritos

breakfast burritos

  • Los Gallo Taqueria
      1. One of the best Mexican food places in town. Super friendly staff, very clean. If you haven’t tried their breakfast burrito yet, make sure to get on over there and try it out. It is one of my favorites in town. It has potatoes, cheese, meat, and a whole bunch of sour cream. definitely full of flavor.
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  • El Rancho
    • El Rancho is one of my favorite places to go with their friendly staff and delicious food. They serve breakfast burritos all day and they’re amazing. My favorite is their sausage. If you put a little of their red salsa on it, it adds an amazing touch.
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  • Sol Azteca
    • Their breakfast burrito is crazy good. If you’re a big fan of hot salsa try their hot red salsa.  You can even ask for your burrito wet which is amazing  with their tangy red sauce.
    • Website
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