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Okay, I have to admit something, the first time I ate Thai Food I was in fifth grade and I precisely remember telling myself from then on if I finished my mile in P.E. I would reward myself with a Thai Iced Tea and Pineapple fried rice. Growing up I constantly had a Thai food craving and branched out and started trying different dishes all of which were jam packed full of flavor and amazing. When I moved to Rohnert Park I immediately looked for a new Thai place to satisfy my obsession. Friends encouraged me try a number of places but still my favorite is Tiny Thai in downtown Cotati.

Tiny Thai is very cute and quaint, so make sure to get there early or late avoiding the normal dinner times because there might not be enough room for your party.  What I consider to be super special about TT is their combo plates. It is the first time I have seen a Thai place where you can actually get variety without spending big $$$. The Cotati Combo that they offer is $10 and it gives you Pad Thai, curry, and white rice. I usually like to order a large Tom Kha for the table to share as well. It is super affordable for what you get and is in a beautiful location. It’s great to sit outside and watch the hustle and bustle of Cotati. Let me know what you think though!

Try: The Cotati Combo

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Valentine’s themed rice only served on Feb 14th!


M-W 11am-3pm

Th 4:30pm-9:30pm
       5:00 pm9:00 pm

F-S  10:00 am3:00 pm
         5:00 pm9:30 pm

Sun. 11 am -3:00



Tiny Thai

8238 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA
(707) 794-9404

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