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West County Coffee & Wine Bar is one of my favorite places to go in Sebastopol. First off the drive to get there from SSU is very simple and relaxing – it’s just one long road to downtown Sebastopol. Another reason I enjoy it is the atmosphere. It is extremely hard to find a place that you can actually focus to study in but West County Coffee is the perfect venue. They have a lot of big tables which are a perfect size for you to bring all of your study equipment and stretch out. The quiet jazz music helps me focus and get work done.

Their service is outstanding. The nicest people you will ever meet. Super helpful and friendly and happy to chat with you or let you read. The coffee and tea is amazing. My favorite is their chai they make it super spicy which is the way I like it. They also offer a small selection of baked goods and snacks. I decided to give their grilled cheese a try and it was amazing. It had 2 different types of cheeses topped with sun dried tomatoes.  Do I need to say more? It was perfect.

grilled cheese

Overall West County Coffee & Wine Bar is a perfect fit for the Sebastopol community and I am so jealous because we have nothing like this in Rohnert Park. Go try it out, you won’t regret it!




SATURDAY 8am – 5pm

SUNDAY 9am – 4pm

Address: 130 S. Main St #103 Sebastopol, CA  95472

Phone: 707-861-9050



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